Are you having doubts about your Skincare routine?

Are you having doubts about your Skincare routine_Are you having doubts about your Skincare routine?

Discover all the answers to the most frequent doubts!
After so many articles on the Skincare routine, it is normal to dwell on the most common doubts.
Every day I inform myself about everything related to skincare, collecting beauty advice by listening and reading professional magazines, looking for advice and tricks, to answer as many questions as possible about the skincare routine.

For this reason, today I want to discuss skincare routine issues that are dear for many women.
We try to give them an answer, but remember that in particular cases it is necessary to consult a dermatologist.


Discover all the answers to the most frequent doubts!
First question:
Should my beauty routine also include my neck and decolletè?

We certainly pay more attention to the skin of the face than to the skin of the neck, which is frequently neglected.
Probably due to simple laziness we neglect the neck and the decolleté which however needs a correct anti-aging beauty routine.
Advice number 1 is EYFOLIATING  not only to renew the skin but to make it absorb the benefits of a proper moisturizing cream.


For young, hydrated skin, you should exfoliate the neck and décolleté skin at least once a week to free it from dead skin cells, choosing a gentle exfoliant.


When should I start using anti-aging creams?

Anti-aging creams were usually used in the past around the age of 40.
Today, they have become popular among younger women.
It’s normal to wonder what the right time is.
In some cases, anti-aging creams are used for prevention and become part of everyday skincare when you start to see the first changes in your skin.
If you start daily skincare at a young age you will certainly see the benefits in the future.
1 regularly apply a cream with an adequate sun protection factor!
2 no in some cases the results only sell with constancy

Is the serum necessary?

Serums are an important part of your skincare because they contain smaller molecules, which are then able to penetrate deep into the skin.
They also provide vitamins and active ingredients, with greater and more beneficial results.

How do I exfoliate my skin if I have acne?

In the case of acne, it is understandable to have doubts, because the risk is inflaming the pores more.
Exfoliation should be gentle using only a natural exfoliate.
You may start slowly (once a week) and increase only according to the skin’s response.
For more serious cases of acne, however, you should consult a dermatologist.



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