Characteristics and properties of the Dandelion – Taraxacum

Edible fresh yellow blowball dandelion flowers, spring, summerIt grows in many people’s lawns, gardens and is often considered a weed. In this period when we are together at home, we should reflect on all that nature creates and makes available to us.
Even what we believe to be a simple weed can hide miraculous properties for our health and beauty.

In March the gardens are tinged with an intense yellow color thanks to the birth of the dandelion or dandelion.
Even what we believe to be a simple weed can hide miraculous properties for our health and beauty.

In March the meadows are tinged with an intense yellow color thanks to the birth of the dandelion.

When I was a little girl, I remember that the elders used to say to me: “don’t bring the dandelion near your bed! In the morning you will wake up with a wet bed because you will have peed your pants…”.

I remember I was terrified of picking up the dandelion because of these rumors.
Now I realized that there was a part of the truth in this sentence due to his diuretic properties of this Flower.

The Dandelion is usually used in phytotherapy thanks to its properties.

Where does the name Dandelion- Taraxacum come from?

Its botanical name is composed of two ancient terms:
taraxn = disorder, agitation + Akos = remedy, or “remedy against disorders and disturbances of the organism”.
The active ingredients of dandelion are particularly concentrated in the leaves and roots.
Dandelion leaves contain vitamin C, iron and calcium.

Orange slices vitamin c letter on white background

What are its properties?
What are its uses?
What are its contraindications?

Taraxacum has been used since ancient times for its purifying and detoxifying properties.
The active ingredients are mainly concentrated in the roots and leaves; yellow flowers can be used to prepare infusions or herbal teas.
Dandelion is rich in magnesium. Vitamin B, vitamin A, C, and E, rich in potassium, iron, calcium phosphorus and zinc.

THE PROPERTIES OF THE Dandelion- Taraxacum



Dandelion reactivates the immune function of the lymphatic system.

Dandelion leaves are rich in bitter active ingredients useful for purifying the liver and with diuretic effects.
The dandelion is very useful in case of water retention and excellent during season changes to detoxify the body.

Thanks to its properties the dandelion is an excellent remedy for those with high cholesterol because it helps the Liver to eliminate excess fat.

This plant also has digestive properties, slightly laxative and strengthens the immune system as well as being rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants



An alteration in blood circulation is one of the causes of cellulite.



Bad posture, bad eating habits, emotional stress, hormones, are the cause of cellulite and produce swelling and orange peel skin.

Dandelion mother tincture can help rebalance hormonal production by preventing the formation of cellulite and swelling.



Dandelion can be taken in tablets, herbal teas or simply through daily diet.

The dandelion can be used throughout the plant!

Dandelions are edible flowers and leaves that can be used as salad, soup or to prepare digestive and purifying herbal teas.

For example, you can try to cook a delicious dandelion omelet by following these simple steps.


Wild vegetable omelette.


2 bunches of Dandelion- Taraxacum

3 eggs

1 clove of garlic

A little grated cheese



Olive Oil


Lightly wash the dandelion leaves leaving them moistened.Pour a drizzle of oil into a non-stick pan and fry the garlic.Add the dandelion leaves and fry them for about 5 minutes with a small pinch of salt and pepper.Meanwhile, beat the eggs in a bowl, add the cheese and a pinch of salt.Now mix the dandelion with the egg mixture and cook the omelet in a non-stick pan with a lid and low heat.

The omelet is ready!

Dandelion – Taraxacum flowers in oil.


Taraxacum officinale Voikukka Địa đinh Dandelion Tarassaco Diente de león Gewöhnlicher Löwenzahn 西洋蒲公英 Խատուտիկ սովորական



The flowers of this plant can be used for decoctions and herbal teas, but also battered and fried to have a crunchy effect.

The flowers can also be preserved in oil, now I’ll explain how.

1 collect about half a kilo of dandelion flowers

Half a liter of vinegar

2 glasses of white wine

2 tablespoons of coarse salt

Olive Oil


Gently wash the flowers by removing the leaves. Bring the vinegar to the boil with two glasses of white wine and two tablespoons of rock salt. Pour the flowers and let them boil for 5 minutes. Collect the flowers with a perforated ladle and let them dry on a clean cloth. As soon as they are dry put them in some glass jars and cover the flowers with olive oil by pressing with a fork so that all the air comes out. Close the jar tightly and keep them in a dry place.

You can use the flowers for risottos, salads, bread croutons.


From salad to coffee

With Dandelion roots you can prepare a digestive drink very similar to barley coffee.

Another original idea is the preparation of a salad with peaches and arugula.


1 bunch of dandelion foliage

1 bunch of arugula

3 peaches

Half a lemon

2 tablespoons of peeled pistachios nuts

Oil, salt and pepper

Rinse all the herbs, salt them, add the oil and season. Cut the peaches into segments, lightly toast the pistachios in a non-stick pan and chop them. Emulsify in a bowl the lemon juice with salt, pepper and four tablespoons of oil. Add the well-broken dandelion, rocket, and pistachios. Season with oil and salt according to your taste. For a light and tasty lunch or a healthy dinner.



Dandelion is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Like many other natural remedies, it can interact with some medicines, especially painkillers, diuretics.

To be avoided in case of allergies to the Asteraceae plant family.




Dandelion is often included in face creams, tonics, body lotions.

Dandelion is often used in cosmetics prepared for acne, eczema or psoriasis.

Also, it is gladly used in the production of anti-aging cosmetics.

Cosmetic properties of Dandelion


How does it work?

What are the benefits of using Dandelion?

Why is it worth including it in your skincare diet?

Dandelion has demonstrated antioxidant qualities, which means that it effectively neutralizes free radicals, thereby delaying the aging of the body. It purifies the skin by improving its appearance and provides an anti-inflammatory effect.


For skincare

Dandelion brings relief from irritation. It makes the skin shiny and reduces redness.

It improves the skin by nourishing and moisturizing it, making it full of vitality.

Thanks to its high content of antioxidants, the Common Dandelion rejuvenates the skin by minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and improving its elasticity.

Also, it mitigates freckles and age spots and is a great help in the fight against cellulite.

I suggest you try the BODY LOTION by Purity Herbs to fight cellulite.


For hair care

Dandelion is not very popular among hair care products. However, it is mainly used as an anti-dandruff agent. It stimulates hair growth when used regularly and makes hair soft and shiny.



Pour a small amount of water on the leaves and chop them finely. Bring the mixture to the boil and let it cool. Mix the mixture and apply it to the face. Leave on for 15 minutes. This face mask will have a lightening effect on spots and fights acne thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.



Pick some flowers and blend them with natural yogurt and a little honey to increase the moisturizing effect. Apply the mixture to the face for about 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water.



Dandelion can turn into a great face toner. Bring a cup of water with 3 tablespoons of dandelion flowers to the boil. Allow to cool, filter and apply to the face with a cotton ball. Clean the face every day with toner.




Create an infusion with a cup of boiled hot water and 2 tablespoons of dried dandelion flowers.

Let the infusion cool by covering it with a lid. Rinse the hair every 2 days after washing. Be careful of the lightening effect the Dandelion may have on your hair, which may have a chance to copper.


These are the properties and uses of the Dandelion – Taraxacum.
Sometimes we look around without appreciating what mother nature creates.
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