Thinking about beauty  In this period of struggle against COVID 19 can seem frivolous.

At this moment, however, because of this enemy called COVID 19, we are forced to stay at home to help us and others.

The time we have available is a lot and we must keep busy and trained.

Thinking about your beauty means taking care of yourself: at this moment the only privilege we have is the time because #stayhome means doing our part to protect us and others.

But #stayhome does not mean abandoning yourself or letting go, on the contrary, we must take even more care of our external and internal beauty.

Since you’re there, take a look at these guides to improve your skincare through the best products to better experience self-quarantine.

Keep your bowels under control for your skin’s sake!

Now that you are at home you will cook more and you probably won’t be very careful about the line.

But you have to take care of your intestinal health.

Good intestinal health increases the body’s ability to fight infections and prevent inflammation as well as having the secret of making the complexion clear and bright.

Introduce probiotics into your diet with fermented foods such as tempeh, kefir or simple supplements.

By introducing these good bacteria you will enrich your body with vitamins and antioxidants.

Avoid dairy products and fatty foods.

Add fatter fish (rich in Omega-3), flax seeds, vegetables rich in vitamin C to your diet, which helps fight free radicals.

You will immediately notice how your complexion will start to shine.

Turn your BEST skincare routine into a ritual!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an emotional impact on each of us, surely we will have been taken by stress, worries, anxiety, sadness, uncertainty.

These moods hurt!

Go easy on your thoughts, stop watching TV, read the news that inevitably always affects COVID-19. Stop, take a breath.

To maximize the benefits of your skincare routine, perform a slow and careful ritual.

Maximize the massage on your face and body when using regenerating creams, take care of your skin.

Massage the muscles to warm them and improve circulation by promoting lymphatic drainage and reducing swelling and water retention.


Maximize your products

If you already have tools to massage your face, use them slowly to maximize the effects of the product.

If you use a face mask, after the application time, massage the face with the jade roller to increase blood circulation to penetrate the product deeply.


You may never have heard of mini-fridges for your beauty products. In 2019 the mini-fridges for your skincare exploded on social media.


Thanks to refrigeration, the products last longer, but you must carefully select the products that can be refrigerated from those that absolutely cannot be refrigerated, such as oils.


A chilled eye contour cream can reduce eye swelling; a chilled moisturizing face cream can instantly refresh tired and dull skin.



How to take care of your hands during coronavirus?


So it is essential to take care of your hands through careful daily skincare.
Here’s how to take care of your skin after washing your hands.

By washing our hands often with soap, hot water, and disinfectants, we remove the natural oils from the skin, making them dry and irritating.
During this period it is necessary and recommended to use nourishing, moisturizing and natural hand cream.
Through ingredients rich in soothing and moisturizing properties you can prevent dry skin and chap.
Using chemical disinfectants I recommend a 100% natural cream like the one I use daily, the Purity Herbs HAND CREAM: essential oils, Icelandic herbs, geothermal water, they will take care of your hands making them soft and silky.

Are you missing monthly facial treatments?

Change the way you shop #stayhome

By consulting the website you can find the best products for your skincare.

But among the many options available: take care of your beauty click on but #stayhome

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