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Ringana, Have you ever heard of him?

I want to introduce you to an Austrian company that creates FRESH cosmetics, with an expiration date that cannot be distributed through the classic shops because they are produced and sold quickly within a maximum of three days.
Ringana uses fresh natural substances that guarantee a high antioxidant action.
Ringana products are vegan and not tested on animals, they are free of chemical preservatives, additives, microplastics, and mineral oils.
All products are manufactured in the Hartberg plant (Austria) and the founder Andreas Wilfinger explains: “Artificial preservatives, mineral oils, solvents, stabilizers, Pegs, parabens, microplastics, and similar substances are not only questionable, but they also do not contribute to the effectiveness of the final product.

Their elimination creates the necessary space for a unique concentration of active ingredients: the delicate active

with a strong antioxidant action, whose use in conventional cosmetics would not even be possible, can instead be used by Ringana in high dosages”. He continues: “To ensure special freshness and unique effectiveness, we constantly produce small batches. For us, long storage times and retail sales would be unthinkable. The raw materials are processed in a very short period. To protect the products until they are applied to the skin, we have developed and designed new bottles”.

Ringanatakes care of your daily skincare from face to body, takes care of your inner and outer beauty.
Through its line up, you can discover a fresh world full of miraculous substances for your beauty.

Spring has just begun so remember that sun protection is essential to repair the skin and prevent aging and anti-aesthetic sunspots.
Ringana to create the Fresch Sun Special set to welcome spring.
The set includes Easter everything you need to enjoy the sun without damaging your skin.

fresh sun special

The FRESH sunscreen in a 50ml pack has a skincare action and protects the skin.
The FRESH After Sun is a soothing moisturizing treatment after sun exposure.
CAPS protect are supplements that protect the external flows from the inside.
Together with the kit comes a card with inside a mix of seeds of wildflowers ready to bloom thanks to the sun’s rays.

We still have a lot of other products to discover, are you curious? Keep following my blog and take a look at the products! If you have any questions or want to talk about a specific product write to me!

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