Why do you have to use the face scrub in your skincare?

The best guide on how to exfoliate the skin!

Your face accumulates impurity and that’s why you need to look at a scrub that can purify the skin giving it its normal balance.
On the market, there are many brands of scrubs composed of granular components that maximize the result through mechanical movements.

What is facial scrub?
What is the facial scrub for?
Better face scrub

The facial scrub is a specific product used as a skin beauty treatment.
The facial scrub is a very popular beauty treatment in beauty salons but it is also used very often for beauty treatments to be done comfortably at home.

The scrub is composed of a creamy base and an abrasive or exfoliating component which is, in turn, made up of micro-granules or powders of natural origin.

What is the facial scrub for?

The facial scrub cleanses the epidermis deeply making it smooth, smooth and silky.
The secret of the facial scrub is contained in the mechanical action it exerts on the skin, thanks to the micro granules, which can be of various origins, delicately massaged on the face.
The scrub acts on the skin:

removes impurities
removes dead cells
removes all traces of makeup
promotes skin turn over
gives a bright and compact appearance

Best Scrubs

I chose a face scrub made with natural and simples ingredients without parabens and chemical agents.
Being my skin very sensitive and delicate I always choose only natural products that respect my skin and nature.


I am very careful in choosing products because my motto is Being Beautiful Of course, and with the right products you can.
I suggest you try the Icelandic Natural Purity Herbs scrub, made from herbs, essential oils, and Jojoba seeds. Used in Icelandic SkinCare it is a must for beauty thanks to the nutrient-rich products for the skin.
100% natural product removes dead cells and impurities gently leaving the skin soft and silky.



Another scrub that I’ve used and that I’m literally in love with is a new product
The FRESH scrub of Ringana.
This scrub is made through Natural and Fresh ingredients because Freshness characterizes this brand. Ringana comedians are Fresh so they have a deadline. This guarantees your skin the concentrated, effective active ingredients that cannot last forever precisely because they are free of chemical agents and preservatives.
The scrub is formulated with granules made from bamboo, pomegranate and Luffa aegyptiaca. Thanks to the mechanical action of rubbing the skin, these grains gently help eliminate impurity, dead cells. Thanks to the matcha green and rosemary contained in the Ringana scrub your skin will be soft, silky and luminous from the first application.
Your skin will have a renewed freshness.

ringana fresh scrub

How to use the scrub

To correctly use the scrub, you must first wash your face thoroughly with warm water, removing any make-up or cream residue.

Once this is done, start by applying the product on the forehead, on the nose and the whole height of the cheeks and the feeling of taking care to avoid the eye area, since being the delicate skin it could crack.

Apply the scrub with your fingertips and shake it with circular movements to favor the rubbing of the granular substance of which it is composed.
Once finished, wait a few minutes and then rinse and dry your face gently.

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14 April 2020 at 5:00

Thank you for the post! love face scrubs. You’d be surprised at how much dirt accumulates in your pores throughout the day. Really need something strong enough to remove it. I just posted a face mask/scrub review on my blog. Would you mind checking it out and leaving a comment letting me know that you think?
You can check it out here 》》》

Giovanna 🐞

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