Spring is finally coming! Get your skin ready!

The Best Spring Skincare!

Spring is finally coming!

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Spring is finally coming! The air is starting to be warmer and more fragrant, the days are getting longer and in this climate of rediscovered well-being the need to renew the skin of our body is born.
To better face spring skincare, the first step is to erase all signs caused by the cold.
Dry, dehydrated skin, redness are the greatest pitfalls to fight against.
Changes in temperature between the heated interior and the external environment are the main causes of most of the imperfections on our skin.

Another factor not to be underestimated, with the arrival of spring, is the increased exposure to sunlight that obliges us to implement protection measures against UV rays, extremely harmful to the epidermis.
For this reason it is essential to use products that offer protection to our skin.
Taking care of our skin is a gesture of love for ourselves.
There are natural treatments to shine new light and say goodbye to the dullness of winter.

What will you discover in this new article?

1 Cleansing the skin with exfoliation

2 Keyword for your spring beauty: hydration

3 Nourish your skin through proper nutrition

4 Protect your skin from the sun

Cleaning the skin with exfoliation

Scrub with naturals cosmetics

The first thing to do to prepare the skin for spring is to clean it of all the toxins accumulated during the winter season.
Use a face scrub to remove dead cells and impurities.
It is a very simple beauty gesture that in a moment will reactivate the microcirculation of the skin letting it breathe and making it compact and radiant.
There are fabulous natural scrubs but you can always create one with a few simple ingredients.
Get a spoonful of sugar and facial cleanser. Mix the two ingredients together to create a scrub that is exceptional.
If you have a very sensible skin instead of sugar, use rice flour and you will get a delicate but effective scrub.
In addition to improving the oxygenation process, the scrub helps the skin to better absorb the active ingredients present in subsequent treatments.

The watchword for your spring beauty: hydration


Once freed from the impurities of winter, you’ll need to give your skin back the right moisture.
Drink two litres of water a day and choose cosmetics that suit your needs. Each type of skin needs a different type of moisturizing treatment.

Those who have dry skin can rely on natural oils such as sweet almond, shea or argan oils that restore the right elasticity to the skin.
For oily or combination skin, instead, you will have to choose a light cream that will work quickly; also in this second case, the organic cosmetics market offers many valid alternatives.




The beauty of our skin obviously also comes from your diet.
Reduce the consumption of packaged foods with high sodium concentrations.
You prefer seasonal fruits and vegetables to obtain a healthy and radiant skin.
Spring is rich in nutritious, colors, fragrant and tasty foods such as strawberries, artichokes and zucchini.

Spring requires protection from UV rays

After so many grey months it is pleasant to expose yourself to the first spring sun’s rays but it is important to protect yourself from UV rays.
UV rays can be harmful to our skin and cause blemishes and diseases that can develop in the long term.
You can reduce these risks by using a sunscreen with medium to high coverage every time you expose yourself to direct sunlight, even if you are not at the beach.

Today the organic market has developed a good range of products suitable for skin protection.
Using a good sunscreen will also help you get a more even tan, keeping it longer.
By following these simple tips, your skin will regain its radiance and enjoy the new season.

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