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Blackhead Face Mask: 4 super effective DIY recipes!

An effective face mask is indispensable against blackheads, enlarged pores, pimples and imperfections. Inserting it into our beauty routine will help us to counter the annoying problem of dilated pores and blackheads in fact to cleanse. Below I suggest you 4 natural recipes to make purifying face masks at home and at no cost!

Here are the 4 super effective DIY recipes For blackheads:

Blackheads: how they are formed and the remedies for, pores contrast them

Blackheads are skin impurities, also called blackheads, which form when your skin produces excess sebum causing the pores of the skin to dilate.

The accumulation of sebum exerts excessive pressure and causes the pores to open and when they come into contact with air (oxygen), they take on a dark colour, giving rise to so-called blackheads.

This process is typical of the skin areas richer in sebaceous glands, such as the nose, chin and forehead, called the T-zone.

In particular, it is a problem that afflicts oily and impure skin that is most prone to excessive sebum production of oil.

But what are the main causes of seborrhea and the consequent formation of blackheads

– Climate

– Bad alimony

– Stress

– Hormonal surges

– Bad facial cleansing and makeup removal

– Use of fatty and oily cosmetics rich in parabens

What about the remedies?

The only real remedy against blackheads is a targeted beauty routine that includes specific cleansers and creams or serums against impurities and opacifiers, and every week, exfoliants and masks suitable for oily and impure skin.

Choosing the right products and delicate beauty treatments is in fact a fundamental step in these cases: oily creams and serums or nourishing masks can make the situation worse.

That’s why beauty routine treatments against blackheads have the mission of purifying and degreasing skin that is already very full and subject to an excess of sebum.

Do-it-yourself Face Masks Against Blackheads: The most effective recipes against blackheads and dilated pores

The most effective face masks are the purifying ones formulated with ingredients with opaque properties to combat impure skin subject to the problem of dilated pores and seborrhea.

Here are 4 recipes of face masks against blackheads easy and super effective to make at home and at 0 cost!

1.        Bicarbonate, lemon and apple vinegar mask against blackheads and acne

The main base of the mask are two ingredients:

apple vinegar and baking soda.

both widely used in the kitchen but with amazing effects on our skin.


1 teaspoon of apple vinegar

 half a teaspoon of baking soda

the juice of half a lemon

1 teaspoon of honey

Dilute the teaspoon of apple vinegar in half a glass of water adding the sodium bircabonate and stirring to dissolve it.

Finally, add the juice of the half lemon and the honey.

Before applying the mask, cleanse the face with warm water to help open the pores and remove all make-up, then dry.

Apply the mask and let it work for 10 minutes.

Rinse with lukewarm water and finally with cold water to help close the pores.

2. DIY egg face mask against blackheads

The egg is a very effective ingredient in the fight against blackheads and impurities.


egg white

a tablespoon of flour (detoxifying action)

Mix the two ingredients until a well amalgamated solid compound is obtained.

Spread the formulation on your face, taking care not to get too close to your eyes, and hold it for about 10 minutes.

 Rinse gently with warm water.

2. Clay mask for particularly oily skin

Clay is an ideal ingredient for those with oily and impure skin, thanks to its astringent and detoxifying properties.

Clay is an ingredient particularly not recommended for dry skin as it tends to dry the epidermis.


4 teaspoons of clay

2 tablespoons of water

2 drops of sage essential oil

2 drops of tea tree oil Mix the clay with the water and add the drops of essential oil to the sage and those of tea tree oil. Then spread the mixture over your face, concentrating particularly on the T-zone, then nose, forehead and chin. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and when you begin to feel the sensation of skin pulling, proceed with the rinse, better with hot water.

Now prepare your mask, mix the ingredients and think about your beauty.
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