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Come and have a Thermal Facial Massage at Home Skin Care and Beauty by: SilviaBeautybio

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If you have ever admired your skin after a facial treatment and you have certainly thought: “What a splendor!”

One of the keys to a bright and ageless complexion is a properly performed facial massage.

The facial massage relieves tension and stimulates circulation, giving the skin an immediate lifting effect.

If you can’t get to the spa, keep reading this article to learn the secrets and benefits of facial massage.

What is facial massage?

With roots in China, Mexico, Hungary and Sweden, facial massage has evolved considerably over the years.

Massage, yoga, gymnastics or rejuvenating exercises for the muscle of the face

Therapeutic massage was discovered about 4,500 years ago and was also applied to face lifting massage using the principles of body massage and applying them on the face.

A facial massage reduces facial tension and increases blood and lymphatic circulation to rejuvenate the skin.

Benefits of face massage

The benefits of massage are obtained by massaging what is under the skin. The skin can be compared to a house which is composed of the foundations (fat and muscle tissue), the structure (dermal tissue) and the roof (epidermal tissue).

The house must be in good condition not only on the roof but also on the foundations.

The concerns and conditions of the skin not only concern the roof, but extend to the foundations. When we apply active and targeted pressure on the muscles of the face, we are able to treat the skin conditions from the foundation upwards, using a better and longer lasting result.

The benefits of facial massage for the skin.

  • It increases blood circulation

A five-minute facial massage can increase blood flow as a result of getting more oxygen and nutrients.

  • The increased blood flow gives the face an immediate glow.
  • Increasing blood flow increases collagen and elastin production.

Over time, your face will look healthy and bright

  • Lift and plump the skin

The tension builds up on our faces. When the musculature is young it manages to rapidly re-move from the facial tension but, as the years go by, these muscles lose tone and the famous “foundations” of our house (face) started to slide causing a general relapse of the face and favoring the formation of the first wrinkles.

  • The facial massage has an invigorating “lifting” effect, as if our face had gone to the gym.

Our body is toned by intensifying the exercises therefore also the muscles of our face are toned through a stimulant massage improving the appearance of the skin keeping it firm and relieved.

  • It improves the absorption of the product

The massage stimulates the absorption of the active ingredients through the heat that is created by the hands.

At this point will you be curious to know how to proceed to make an amazing facial massage?

Can’t go to the spa? Can’t get a massage?

Follow these steps and you will feel like you are in a spa.

1. Cleanse your hands and face

Always start with a clean base by removing makeup and washing your hands.

2. Hot product in the hands

Put a few drops of serum on the palms of your hands. Rub your hands to distribute the product on fingers and plates.

3. Use gentle but firm pressure

Massage with firm pressure but gently pass your hand over your face without rubbing your skin.

4. Massage the sides of the face

Use circular movements to massage the perimeter of the face, from the sides of the jaw to the cheekbones.

Make a massage that pushes the skin up, down and out.

Repeat the massage for about three minutes.

5. Soft lines on the forehead

Press your fingers between your eyebrows and slide them slowly over your forehead.

Repeat the movement on the forehead, gently pulling the skin outwards and upwards.

6. Pay particular attention to the eyes

The eye area is very delicate because the skin is thin and fragile.

Starting from the nose, gently massage towards the temples.

This massage awakens the eye area by fighting swelling and sagging skin.

7. Finish with the neck and décolleté

Finally remember the neck and décolleté.

With a light movements massage from chest to jaw. The lymphatic system will be reactivated and the fine lines will ease.

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