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Beauty Buys That Will Save Your Skin, Body And The Planet

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 Save the environment to save Life

Our planet is constantly warning us that pollution is destroying us. Just think about what is happening in Australia at this time to understand that it is necessary to choose natural and eco-sustainable products also for their beauty. Respecting the planet also means respecting our body. What are the best natural Ingredients for your skin?

An aggressive product that pollutes the planet indirectly pollutes your body and if it kills the planet it can also kill the human being.

There are many extraordinary brands that effectively make you beautiful by abandoning excess packaging and choosing natural alternatives.

But when you decide to switch to an eco-friendly beauty routine, it can be hard to know where to start.

I’ve collected a variety of natural products that retain their beauty effects and effectiveness while respecting the environment.

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Diamond Beauty

Get ready to shine like a diamond with natural cosmetics that will save both your skin and the planet.

Best Natural Ingredients for Your Skin

Natural Soap

There are several natural soaps on the market to use for your daily hygiene.

Even for the most sensitive and allergic skin, a soap has been created that cleanses without attacking, leaving the skin soft and velvety.

Surely you are wondering how this is possible since soap usually leaves the skin dry.

Donkey milk soap is a creamy mixture of milk, coconut oil and olive oil, natural and nutritious ingredients.

Using soap means respecting the planet and your body.

Body oil

Nourish your skin using 100% natural oil without the addition of parabens and chemicals.
On the market there are different types such as marigold oil.
ideal for dry and sensitive skin, prevents stretch marks and can also be used in pregnant women.

Reusable makeup pad

Instead of using a cotton ball soaked in make-up remover, look for a reusable pad instead.
There are several silicone or microfibre pads on the market that can be reused repeatedly.
With these reusable pads, you are saving countless makeup wipes that would end up in landfills. An effective but environmentally friendly choice of beauty.

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Save your Planet

Use natural products in your daily beauty, remember when using any cosmetic or soap that if it pollutes the planet it also pollutes your body.
The skin and the human body are as delicate as our plants, respecting the environment and respecting yourself.


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