What causes eye bags?

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The big skincare mistake that could be making your eyes puffy and giving you under-eye bags

Waking up with puffy eyes more and more, even when you’re not really that tired?

 Well, it looks like your skin care routine might be wrong…

Woman in bathroom is applying moisturizin and anti-aging cream under her eyes

Actually, it may be the products you are applying in your eye area..

While we’ve always thought it was a good idea to keep the skin around our eyes as hydrated as possible in a bid to stave off fine lines and wrinkles, it turns out that overloading on moisturiser could actually cause an unwanted side effect: puffiness.

Yes, it’s true – if you’ve made a habit of applying your daily moisturizer or night cream around the eye contour, then it might be time for an immediate rethink.

Apparently, these heavier facial formulas risk overloading the sensitive area under your eyes, causing swelling.

Does dehydration cause eye bags?

The use of a rich moisturizing cream can actually have a harmful effect on the eye area, causing congestion that leads to increased swelling and puffiness under the eyes.

The delicate skin around the eyes absorbs only a small amount of the product.

The excess product that the eye contour area cannot absorb will remain on the skin and, with each blink, the lashes will move the product closer (or even inside) to the eye, causing irritation, congestion, worsening lymphatic drainage and water retention – all factors that cause swelling in the eyes.

That said, you shouldn’t just stop applying product to your eye area either.

Instead, consider adding a lightweight eye cream to your daily skincare regime, one that won’t overload the skin around your peepers.

And there we were thinking that eye cream was a bit of a waste of money…

Once you have invested in an eye cream, application is also key if you want to avoid puffiness

How do I reduce eye bags?

It’s important to note how and where you’re applying your eye cream.

 Avoid placing the product too close to the lash line as this can easily cause irritation.

And, if you’ve woken up with some serious puffiness and need a quick-fix solution, I have a top tip for you…

If you’re someone who wakes up to very puffy eyes, a great trick is to keep a teaspoon in the fridge overnight and use the cold smooth surface to apply your eye cream, moving the spoon from the inside corner of the nose outwards towards the outside of your brows.

I’ve discovered an eye contour in roll – on whose sphere is made of aluminium, the result is guaranteed!
You keep it in the fridge and the effect will be that of a teaspoon.
While I relax the serum, you give a cooling massage to boost the serum’s effectiveness.

“The combination of the cold temperature and movement will help to instantly de-puff and aid lymphatic drainage.”

So now we know!

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