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What are the benefits and disadvantages of using facial serum?

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The benefits of facial serum are mainly related to its composition.

 Its watery, fat-free texture allows for greater absorption, acting on the deeper layers of our skin.

This and its higher concentration of active ingredients make the moisturizing effect of the higher serum.

Its texture also helps to optimize the product, as a small amount is sufficient to achieve the desired effect.

Its application is very simple and allows you to improve the effect of subsequent treatments, such as moisturizing cream.

However, it should be repeated that the facial serum cannot be used as sunscreen, as it does not contain SPF protection.

Below is a list that sums up the advantages and disadvantages of the facial serum.

How does Facial Serum by Purity Herbs differ from other serums on the market?

Facial Serum has a real and visibly effective action thanks to the concentration of Icelandic wild herbs and essential oils, their ability to penetrate deeply into the epidermis that transforms the skin, application after application.

What is the best serum for wrinkles?

As women get older, it can be strategic to use a moisturizing facial serum or, a little later in life, an anti-wrinkle serum.

So first of all you will need to choose the most suitable one.

The Hyaluronic Acid serum is an intensive anti-aging treatment with a strong moisturizing impact and no added scent to be gentle on the skin.

Dusahel uses Hyaluronic Acid with three different weights to allow the serum to penetrate the various layers of the epidermis, from the most superficial to the deepest.The bottle is made of aluminum to protect the ingredients from light and respect nature

Central Role of Serum in your Beuaty Routine

Beauty routines often include products such as cleansing gels, facial tonics and moisturizers.

However, facial serum has recently taken on a central role, thanks to its great moisturizing and nourishing power.

Instead, keep in mind that the facial serum does not include sunscreen (usually), while the moisturizer does.

For this reason, the serum should not be used as a substitute for the cream, but as a complement.

How often should the facial serum be applied?

The benefits of the serum cannot be appreciated with a single application, on the contrary a certain constancy is required.

I recommend applying it twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

Of course, always apply with your face washed and before the moisturizer.

If you prefer to use it only once a day, we recommend that you do so before going to bed, because the night is the period of maximum cellular repair.

 At this time of day, your skin will benefit most from this product.

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