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Will you buy this product again?

Will you buy this product again? Yes No Maybe

You know what beauty product I love, FACE GEL by Dusahel with snail slime.
By now, I no longer felt as though I needed to apply a full layer foundation all over my face .
While snail slime products are often marketed to display their active ingredients, packaged slickly as luxury items, there’s a charm to repurposing a natural byproduct, an unexpected hippie appeal, a whiff of a thrifty and intuitive approach to beauty.

My mind was blown!

I began my experience with snail extract that use Dusahel in more products because it was both potent .


The hyper-innovative and competitive VenusCounter skin care scout has noticed, and started to try products with snail .

The snail secretion filtrate could be used to solve skincare woes.
I’m an avid user and I had try Face Gel Snail Slime but once I found these cosmetics I have not switched brands ever since.


Because I have oilier/combination skin, I needed to start with a light formula and i chose this Gel.
After this in winter I needed to start with a creamy snail extract and i chose FACE CREAM SNAIL SLIME .
FACE CREAM SNAIL SLIME  provided my skin that extra bit of nourishment and hydration I needed to take my skin makeover to the next level.
On my third week, I decided that the results were so impressive I wanted to add more products with snail extract to my routine.
I went for EYE CONTOUR SERUM SNAIL SLIME and BALM SNAIL SLIME, including both in my night routine.


By week two, I noticed that my skin seemed to be actually getting healthier from the inside-out, as it felt firmer to the touch and looked more glowy.
My frustrating dark spots had even begun getting ever so lighter day by day.
As wellness trends continue to tilt toward an idealized version of “clean” living, it is no surprise that dabbing a formulation collected from what is left behind by small creatures has secured a vogue.

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