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How can you protect your skin in winter?

The winter air is tough on everyone’s skin, but babies and toddlers are extra susceptible to the harsh, dry climate. A few simple steps can help prevent dry skin and other skin discomfort.

Don’t take long, hot showers. They may sound appealing, but hot showers strip skin of its natural moisturizing lipids. Instead take short warm showers to avoid evaporation of moisture on the skin. Pat your skin dry then put on a good moisturizer while the skin is still damp.

Eating foods high in water content can help hydrate your skin from the inside out. Try watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, oranges, kiwi, and watery veggies like celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and carrots. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin C and zinc to support the healthy production of collagen and elastin.

Why to exfoliate your Skin in winter

The winter makes your skin feel more vulnerable, so perhaps exfoliating seems a bit odd, but it’s actually especially good to do during the colder months.

 When you use an exfoliator, you rid your skin of dead cells and make room for new ones.

This makes your skin stronger and more resilient.

 Even more importantly, a good exfoliator ensures that your serums and creams are completely absorbed, which is exactly what your skin needs during winter.

It’s all very well having a carefully cultivated skincare regime for most of the year, but once winter’s temperatures settle around zero you’ll find your skin taking on a whole new persona.

 What winter’s harsh winds,  and cold temperatures call for are rich barrier creams, designed to keep the chill out and the moisture in.

For very dry skin caused by wind-burn I always recommend using a formulation that Contains  Icelandic herbal extracts that provide to your skin with powerful nutrients and vitamins and the best product is: Highlander Cream .

Apply Highlander before your go out .

Take with you Ice Lips for protect your lips and if you have dry skin use  viking balm .

¨You can use viking balm for skin and for lips is necessary.

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