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Argan Oil Nature’s Liquid Gold

Today I want to talk about a natural miracle extract for skin and hair that I discovered during a trip to Morocco.

I was driving on the internal roads of Morocco and I was driving towards Essaouira.

Along the way I saw a small red brick “laboratory” with one hand-written sign “ARGAN”.

We stopped and were  go inside  wheremany women were working brown fruits.

Intrigued by this product I began to ask many questions to find out what was the miraculous yellow gold produced by these plants.

produced by these plants.

What is argan oil made from?

Argan is an ingredient used in southern Morocco obtained from a plant that grows on the edge of the desert called argan.

The argan is a tree with branches from 8 to 10 meters high thorny that lives about 200 years.

Between May and June the tree produces the first fruits, oval berries containing a very hard walnut inside which there are 3 stones.

How is argan oil produced?

Through a laborious process the seeds of the argan tree, nicknamed “desert gold”, are processed to produce pure oil.

Think that to get 1 liter of argan oil you need 87 kg of pats. To maintain the biochemical composition of the oil is cold pressed through an ancient stone mill used by Moroccan women.

This process makes argan oil a precious ingredient but especially its cosmetic properties make it unique and is called liquid gold.

What is the benefit of Argan oil for skin?

Nourishment, hydration, Argan oil is considered the natural anti-wrinkle thanks to its exposure rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

The unsaturated fatty acids make argan oil an excellent natural moisturizer that, acting in the deepest layers of the epidermis and makes the skin leaving a skin as smooth as silk.

Choosing Argan oil means giving your skin natural nourishment, making ithe skinmore playful right from the first application.

How does Argan Oil help hair?

Argan oil is often used as a hair treatment.

Thanks to vitamin E it promotes hair growth and stimulates the scalp cells to produce healthy hair as well as moisturized and combat dry scalp by combating dandruff.

Immediate benefits on dry hair and split ends to give shine and softness to the hair.

Argan oil as a mask for hair

I give you advice for soft and silky hair. Apply argan oil in the evening before going to sleep as a hair mask on the scalp and tips. Wrap your hair in a towel and hold the treatment for a night or a couple of hours,. Then wash your hair thoroughly with Shampoo and you will see your hair soft and bright without using chemicals.

Argan oil is an excellent  conditioner, which can also prolong and intensify its beneficial effects on the hair. It is an ideal conditioning agent because it makes the hair soft and smooth and adds further shine.

All you have to do is try this desert yellow gold for a moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, for hair as soft as silk.

If you want some suggestions, write to me.

See you soon.


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