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Is snail slime good for your skin?

A few weeks ago I introduced new natural cosmetics with snail slime into my daily beauty routine.
I began my search to select the properties of this natural ingredient.
Snail slime is a secretion produced by the snail which is indispensable in their daily life because it helps healing and has antiseptic properties.
The discovery of the cosmetic properties of snail slime dates back to 1980 in Chile in a Buscan family farm.
The workers of Buscan had hands soft and quickly recovered from infections without suffering scars.
The properties of snail slime are many, in fact this secretion is:

Hydro-restorative, thanks to mucopolysaccharides, which hold water on the skin for a long time and ensure a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

Healing, useful in treating shaving irritations.

Soothing, useful for redness due to sun or excessive cold.

Nourishing and Regenerating.

Anti-stretch marks.

Effective on acne marks, blemishes and scars

Snail slime, thanks to allatonin, is a powerful anti-aging treatment because it reduces wrinkles and much feared crow’s feet, allowing the skin to renew itself, stimulating it to regain its vital functions.

Want to know my experience with snail slime?

After meticulous research I met Dusahel company founded in 2006 in Cantù (Como).
Dusahle use snail slime in quallity and quantity.

Snails are bred in Tuscany for the sun purpose of use.
The burr is taken, without constrictions, manually, making them walk on a lattice, this way the snail slime are falling into a container with water inside and then it is microfiltered.

The Dusahel line has thus created natural cosmetics formulated with the ingredient for the beauty of your skin.
I found immediate effects on wrinkles. The skin after some applications, resumes its splendor and wrinkles become thinner giving a rejuvenated appearance.
The cosmetic has a high percentage of its basic ingredient in its INCI.
This I found in Dusahel, simple INCI with high percentage of basic ingredient in every cosmetic it produces.
I recommend you try it and wait for your opinions.
Thanks for your reading soon.

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