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My blog, Silviabeautybio, Naturally, is a source for natural cosmetics and beauty product reviews, healthy hints, beauty-enhancing recipes, eco beauty lifestyle tricks, natural health information, wellness recommendations, holistic treatments and mor
Much like health food, natural beauty products aren’t new but have become hugely fashionable, shedding their hippie image.
Pause for a moment and count how many personal care products you’re using. I’m talking about everything from your makeup bag to your shower rack. Surprised? Now, read the ingredient labels on those products.
Effect & benefits of our organic cosmetics .
There are plenty of ranges of natural organic cosmetics products.
In Cosmetics, the natural products are trendy and they are taking larger and larger market share at world-wide level. To meet these new needs, the cosmetics manufacturers are launching proposals with high percentages of natural and environmentally friendly ingredients.
Social responsibility is one of the main concerns of the cosmetics industry, after safety and efficacy.
Consumers expect high standards of social responsibility regarding care for people and the planet.
It is not only a business-to-business activity: social responsibility starts with traceability in the supply chain, but extends to ensuring that at least the minimum norms of social responsibility are respected throughout the supply chain.


Despite several articles being written on the topic “Natural Cosmetics”, the question I still get asked more than anything else as a beauty editor is, “What natural beauty brands do you recommend?” It’s clear that loads of people — my friends included — are becoming more conscious about what they’re putting on their bodies.
There seems to be a widespread perception that natural beauty products are somehow inherently better than the synthetically made products of our past. And, in some cases, that’s the truth.

If you look at your antiperspirant’s ingredients label, chances are you’ll find aluminum as an active ingredient because of its effectiveness at blocking your sweat. Aluminum has a well-established link to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Plus, it rubs off on your clothes, the aluminum oxidizes, and voila! Yellow pit stains. Yep, they come from your antiperspirant — not from sweat itself.

Lastly, keep in mind that with natural ingredients, packaging really, really matters!

Don’t Worry: Some Natural Ingredients Actually Do but it’s important chose the better brand of Natural Cosmetics

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